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ElixirPro is providing the full spectrum of services required for the implementation of a project, including:

Specialist Piping Design And Consultancy Services

ElixirPro piping department can offer services for the Water, Oil/Gas, power & desalination and other industries. We are able to help with all your piping system design needs.

The hallmark of ElixirPro Engineering team is its vast experience and knowledge in the design of metallic and Non-metallic pipe systems and specialized knowledge in Reinforced Plastics (GRP or FRP) pipe systems. Our team has comprehensive understanding of the behavior and performance of GRP materials, and extensively involved with world’s largest GRP pipe system projects.

ElixirPro capabilities include the following

Front End Engineering and Detail Design: Preliminary engineering and (pre-) system design covering hydraulic design, pipe sizing, conceptual design, material selection & specification, preparation of project technical documents.

Pipe stress analysis: Static and dynamic pipe stress analysis using state of the art engineering tools.

Fluid dynamics: Steady state and transient fluid flow analysis (surge / water hammer) using in-house developed and commercial software.

Finite element analysis: Detailed analysis of piping components.

Structural design: Design of supports and supporting structures.

Seismic analysis: Seismic analysis of piping systems and design of seismic restraints.

CFD Analysis: CFD of pump houses and open channels for intake systems.

Vibration Analysis: Vibration prediction and control

Advance Piping Design and Consultancy Services

ElixirPro possess a unique experience in the design of aboveground and underground Fiberglass Reinforced Piping Systems (FRP) including large diameter piping – up to 4 meters.

The services offered include 3rd party piping consultancy, studies of static and dynamic behaviour, stress analysis, finite elements analysis (FEA), field engineering and audit.

Automotive Industry

ElixirPro has exclusive focus in CAD / CAM / CAE based engineering and design using high end software like Pro-E, Inventor, CATIA, Hyper Mesh, Abacus, ANSYS etc. The Company is ISO 9001:2008 certified by TUV and has competent technical personnel with International design and engineering exposure. The Company has state-of-the art computing and communication facilities to cater to the latest technological requirements of customers.