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Process Engineering | Elixir Pro


ElixirPro capabilities in Process, HSE and Reliability disciplines and has capability for undertaking Feasibility studies, Front End Engineering and Design, Process simulation studies, Detailed Engineering, Process and Mechanical design for all equipment’s including Pressure vessels, Separators, Columns, Heat exchangers, Storage tanks, Pipelines and can cater end to end engineering requirements of any oil & gas related facility, BOP systems of thermal power plants, Oil Storage Terminals, Water treatment plants, cement, minerals and other varied industrial segments.

Typical Services Provided

  • Feasibility and Screening Studies
  • Process Technical & Economic Evaluations
  • Licensed Technology Selection Support
  • Preliminary Process Design
  • Detailed Process Designs / Basic Engineering Design
  • Pilot Plant Design, Evaluation, and Scaleup
  • Plant Expansions
  • Greenfield Plant Designs
  • Process Modeling and Simulation
  • Mass & Energy Balance, PFDs, and P&IDs
  • Process Equipment Specifications
  • Process Control Scheme Design and Optimization
  • Hydraulics Analysis
  • Preliminary Cost Estimation
  • Technical Bid Preparation and Review
  • Detail Engineering Phase Support
  • Engineering Firm Staff Augmentation
  • Independent 3rd Party Process Evaluations
  • Optimization & Debottlenecking Studies
  • Energy Conservation Studies
  • Distillation Systems Design
  • Packed Tower Design
  • Heat Transfer / Heat Exchanger Design
  • Existing Equipment Utilization Studies
  • Emission Controls Process Design
  • Environmental Compliance Technical Support
  • Product Quality Improvement Support
  • Relief/Flare Systems/Vent Studies
  • Simulation Design Tools Development
  • Process Safety Management Services
  • PHA Facilitation/HAZOPs
  • Risk Management Program Development
  • Plant Operations Support
  • Process Controls Services
  • Process Troubleshooting
  • Dust Hazards Mitigation Support
  • Technical Training