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Soil Investigations

ElixirPro has the expertise to provide advice on critical Soil Investigations and improvement related issues.

We can offer our services for the following:

  • Writing technical specifications to carry out Geo Technical Investigations
  • Reviewing the investigation reports
  • Interpreting the investigation results
  • Suggesting founding system and optimal solutions
  • Foundation Design


ElixirPro will provide third party inspection services during the installation of piping and critical mechanical and electrical equipments.

In Service

ElixirPro has the expertise to provide site inspections, including the analysis and assessment of plant condition.

We can provide detailed reports on equipment deterioration, reliability, safety and residual life.


With numerous suppliers involved in supply chain, keeping projects on schedule is a challenge. Delayed delivery of materials, products or equipment prevents project from being completed on time and within budget.

Our expediting services keep project firmly on schedule by ensuring that suppliers deliver in time. The following activities are covered under our expediting services:

  • Order status and Progress in manufacturing
  • Inventory of equipment in stock
  • Desk and Field expediting visits
  • Inspection and Testing Status
  • Monitoring the dispatch of material
  • Packing, Shipment and delivery
  • Areas of concerns impacting schedule and Recommendations
  • Supplier performance monitoring


ElixirPro has an experienced inspection team and would provide a third party inspection services during the manufacturing for FRP piping components, pipelines and also for valves, pumps, expansion joints (bellows), cranes, and other mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation components.